Dope Mom Life started with a mom who wanted to be an example to her community. Dianne would ask friends to accompany her on adventures like skydiving, zip lining, and whitewater rafting, but they would always say no. She decided to document fun activities with her children to show her community that they could do these things; these adventures were vlogged under the name “Dope Mom Life”. After quitting her job in HR, Dianne needed to find her second wind. She decided to utilize her love of being in front of a camera and attended school for video production and editing. Dianne quickly found out that she loved being behind a camera just as much, and started a video production company under the name “Dope Life Media”.

When getting certified to do business with the city and attending networking events, Dianne noticed a lack of people of color; she often found that she was the only person of color in the room. While she was on a shoot in a neighborhood that was on the verge of gentrification, Dianne overheard the location owner discussing the grant he received to renovate the storefront. She wondered if the people in this community knew about the resources available to them, and what they could accomplish if they did. That’s when Dianne realized that she could impact the way this information was presented to multicultural communities. She had the means to deliver information in a way that encourages action while being engaging, creative, and fun.

Dianne saw a need for a creative content agency that is able to connect to underrepresented demographics, so she decided to combine her vision for the “Dope Mom Life” vlog with the work of her video production company, “Dope Life Media”. It is in this way that Dope Mom Life was reborn with a newfound mission- to cultivate relationships between organizations and multicultural communities through digital and video content.

If you’re to create something powerful and important, you must at the very least be driven by an equally powerful inner force. ~ Ryan Holiday


Dope Mom Life helps organizations cultivate relationships with diverse communities through video and outreach. We understand video content can effect change and invoke action.


Our vision is that diverse communities in Colorado are authentically communicated to and, as a result, access more resources, opportunities and have a greater impact in their communities

Dianne Myles

The Dope Mom