Dope Mom Life is a creative content agency that helps organizations cultivate relationships with underrepresented communities through video production, ambassador video marketing, and outreach strategy.  We understand representation matters and video content can effect change and invoke action.


Dope Mom Life helps organizations cultivate relationships with underrepresented communities through visual and digital content strategy, creation, and management. We connect multicultural communities to the opportunities, resources, campaigns, and initiatives available to them. Dope Mom Life understands that representation matters, and that digital content can effect change and inspire action.

Our Vision

We strive to see multicultural communities visibly reflected in mainstream campaigns, arenas, and initiatives. As a result, these communities will have access to more resources and opportunities to have a significant impact on the world.


Dope Mom Life builds campaigns that reach multicultural communities. We use our special expertise in video and influencer marketing to put your messaging in front of diverse audiences.

Dope Mom Life is your brand translator. We partner with marketing departments, media agencies, public organizations, diversity campaigns, and outreach programs. Dope Mom Life helps you share your programs and services with the participants, Millennials, families, citizens, and teachers of color in your area.

Do you have a hard time engaging multicultural or millennial communities? Do you have campaigns, initiatives, or goals that involve multicultural or millennial communities and need to connect? Our digital content creation, influencer video, marketing, and content strategy will help you finally help you connect.


Access to Capital for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Exporting for Women of Color

Equal Funding Initiative

Investing & Financial Health for Communities of Color

Disparity Studies

Education & Closing the Gap


Diversity Advertising

The Connect

Consulting & Strategy

We understand diverse communities because they’re our communities. We know their pain points and their lifestyle, and we know how to reach them. Once we have your campaign goals laid out, Dope Mom Life designs the right strategy to help you engage your targeted demographic in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Creative Content Strategy

The Story

Content Creation & Curation

We understand how to create content and craft a narrative that speaks to communities of color and millennials. Dope Mom Life houses special expertise in brand strategy, graphic design, video production, photography, blogging, copywriting, and more, so we can bring your message to life.

Social Media Management

The Influence

Influencer Marketing

Dope Mom Life is proud to enjoy real, meaningful relationships with communities of color. Working with us provides access to our street teams, digital teams, and individual influencers. They have connections with people that can circulate your content, getting it in front of the people you want to care about your messaging.

At Your Service

We are culturally responsive and culturally relevant. You need to do more than simply throw up some content with people of color in it. What action are you wanting your target audience to take, and are they taking it? Are you speaking their language? Are you truly engaging with them? More importantly, are you persuading them to engage with you?  Dope Mom Life can help you achieve your goals.


Multicultural Millennials comprise almost half of their generation at 42% of the population. This means a massively significant share of all 75 million Millennials identify as African-American, Hispanic, or Asian. If a brand doesn’t have a multicultural strategy, it doesn’t have a growth strategy. As Nielsen studies have made evident, multicultural people want to see themselves authentically represented in marketing, and a lack of representation can be very dangerous and damaging not – not only for the organization, but the individual too.
Economists estimate Millennials are spending upwards of $600 billion annually, and the bulk of that is into entrepreneurship, experiences, and quality of life. Millennials grew up with technology, most since elementary and middle school. As such an integral part of their childhood, the internet has shaped how they communicate and connect. With more control at their fingertips, Millennials now enjoy access to media that was previously under the control of news outlets. Millennials are 60% more likely to produce and share online content, so organizations need to undergo a vast transformation in order to attract and retain them as customers.

Tap Into New Communities

Influencer marketing partners with key leaders (influencers) who can bring your organization to your target demographic. These influencers promote campaigns, services, initiatives, and events to their community. Our team of influencers built their influence, organically over years. They are perfectly situated to act as your megaphone to reach new, more diverse audiences.

Our influencers are your brand advocates. We use fun, effective strategies like social media takeovers, native sponsored content, and more.


Dope Mom Life has developed relationships with communities that have traditionally been harder for brands, organizations, and other service providers to reach. With deep roots into a number of underrepresented communities in Colorado, we support clients with outreach efforts for a wide variety of campaigns, initiatives, and programs. You’ve got something to say. We specialize in getting your target audience to care about it.


of content consumed by an average consumer is by an influencer

– Forbes


of consumers trust recommendations from others

– AdWeek

higher ROI with influencer marketing than traditional strategies

– Nielsen Catalina Solutions


of consumers turn to influencers for purchase recommendations

– AdWeek

sales generated from influencer over traditional advertising with 37% higher retention

– Forbes