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DANIEL PINEDA is a video editor with 3 years of experience. His work has helped mold professional and personal brands to what they are today. Daniel is an insatiably curious, passionate, and ambitious creator who sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth.

A passionate environmentalist and gardener, JANINE FECZKO is a Grammy award winning video editor with 23 years of experience. When she isn’t hard at work editing and producing, Janine can be found traveling the globe with her wife.

KEISHA FADEYI is a Denver native who works as Dope Mom Life’s digital content writer and creator. She also brings her talents to websites like xoNecole and Curly Girl Collective, helping each brand deliver their messages through her work.

NIGEL SANDERS graduated college for 3D animation and design. He has been a graphic designer for 12 years and is the proud father of 4. Nigel is the owner of Guerilla Grafix with the mission to positively impact as many people as possible with the things he creates. Whether it’s through food, music or art- happiness never ceases from being shared.

PRESILLA LUCAS has years of experience promoting web pages and social media campaigns, as well as stellar customer service and management skills. She is a Colorado native and military mama, loving every minute of collaboration with Dope Mom Life.

BARBARA GONZALES heads the PR initiatives at Dope Mom Life, bringing nearly 20 years of corporate marketing expertise with her. Fiercely passionate about supporting women build their business, Barbara opened her own PR agency in 2016. She is a proud mom of 2 girls and is a self proclaimed “warrior for women”.

MYLEI ZAVALA is a recent graduate from the Community College of Aurora with an enthusiasm for creative writing, entrepreneurship, and economics. When she isn’t nose-deep in a book or spending time with her dogs and chickens, Mylei writes content for emerging Colorado businesses and non-profit organizations.

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